Marcus Venenozo

Head Brazilian Jiu jitsu Instructor

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Rey Rodriguez

Owner and Head Coach

I am a nerd and I enjoy being a nerd. When I was in 3rd grade I was moved to 6th grade. The kids were bigger than me and I was picked on all the...

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Cristina Almeida

Capoeira Instructor/ Yoga Teacher

I grew up in Brazil being raised by my mother because my father passed away when I was 7 years old. Life was not easy, so the only way to get...

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Devin Pockrus

Assistant Boxing Coach

I was a lazy nerd who was fat and played video games growing up and know what it is like to get a late start on athletics, but I did not let that...

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Tony Eclavea

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. It’s important to check your ego at the door.

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Xavier Rodriguez

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu coach

As a kid, I loved to always be active I played football as a running back and also ran track went to the meet of champs 2x also played the saxophone,...

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Steven Martinez

Head Muay Thai Coach

Growing up I always played team sports from the time I was 4. Baseball, basketball, soccer, football, track and field, even hockey for a couple of...

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LaQuan Howard

Boxing Coach

Man I can honestly say so much but the most important thing that helped me get to where I am in my journey was simply going out and getting it. No...

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Ivan Orozco

4 stripe

Started with DominionMMA in 2015 trained with several coaches dedicated since day one. 4 naga gold medals and 1 silver tgc 2 gold in Gi and no...

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